LOS Vacuum CF Flanges

All LOS CF vacuum flanges are cleaned in an ultrasonic tank, and packaged with dry nitrogen for cleanliness.


These vacuum flanges feature a very high quality surface finish on all surfaces. Special attention is given to the surfaces exposed to vacuum to reduce total surface area and outgassing. The outside diameter of our CF vacuum flanges is turned complete at the same time as the knife edge eliminating any run out or concentricity issues. After manufacturing, our vacuum flanges are cleaned in our Branson ultrasonic cleaning tank

Commitment to Quality

LOS CF vacuum flanges are ultrasonically cleaned and packaged with pure dry nitrogen gas for ultimate vacuum performance--right out of the box

Made in USA

Advanced LOS technology makes it easy for end users to obtain high vacuum, ultra high vacuum, and extreme high vacuum levels. LOS vacuum components and CF vacuum flanges are ideal for achieving HV, UHV, and XHV.